Photography – May

photo by Peter Grimbly

Peter Grimbly

The theme for the April meeting of the digital photography group was ‘monochrome’ The group voted the best image of those displayed to be the one of the spanners in the engine shed of the  Great Central Railway at Loughborough station by Peter Grimbly. The favourite photo from those submitted by each member are also shown here and in the last gallery on the photography group’s main page.  The theme for our meeting on 17th May is ‘Ruins’.


photo by Yvonne Darling

Yvonne Darling

photo by Phil Aldridge

Phil Aldridge

photo by Maurice Jones

Maurice Jones

photo by Kenny Darling

Kenny Darling

photo by Helen King

Helen King

photo by Graham Boulton

Graham Boulton

photo by Angela Deane

Angela Deane

photo by Alistair Willis

Alistair Willis