Paul Simpson – treasurer elect

I retired recently after 35 years in the Financial Services profession first as a Banker and more recently as an Independent Financial Adviser and Estate Planner. I have acted as a Treasurer for several charities in the past – Headway Leicester, Countesthorpe Conservative Club and Countesthorpe Scout Group.  When I retired, I joined the SLU3A and I am currently a member of the Cycling Group and will be joining the Beginners Bridge Group with my wife, Denise in December. I am a firm believer that you should give as well as receive so when I saw the plea from Helen Salisbury (Chair) for a volunteer as Treasurer I was pleased to have the opportunity to help out. A huge amount of work has already been done by the present committee in the last few years and with respect to the finances, especially by Martin Thom who has made the transition from a manual bookkeeping system to Beacon software. My aim is to carry on his good work and to enhance the reporting of all finances to both the committee and groups. I am passionate about Gift Aid for all membership subscriptions so expect to see this given a high priority in the next year. It is money from the Government for only completing a form! Other than Cycling I enjoy Cooking, Walking, Rugby Union, Freemasonary and I am looking forward to spending more time with my wife.

Paul Simpson