Our Trip to Germany

One weekend in September four members of the German Improvers group boarded a train in Market Harborough bound for a few days in Cologne (Köln).  Leaving at 1015am, we arrived in Cologne at 1930pm in the pouring rain, having changed at London and Brussels on the way.  Fortunately, the rain stopped, and we had dry, sunny, but windy weather whilst there.
We were all looking forward to practising our German and exploring a city some of us had never visited and others only a long time ago.  We stayed in a lovely hotel situated near the river and not far from the cathedral.  The helpful staff were very tolerant of our efforts to speak German.
We visited the cathedral, marvelling at its size and the workmanship.  Some of us went to a short evening service there, experiencing the wonderful sound of the choir and the organ.  Our sightseeing also included a guided tour of the city on a little bus/train; a cruise on the Rhine, and a visit to the Chocolate Museum Shop and Café.  We also walked about the cobbled streets and squares and availed ourselves of some of the many cafes, pubs and restaurants.  Two of us visited the Farina House Museum and learnt all about the production of the genuine Eau de Cologne perfume.  Incidentally, did you know that 4711 Eau de Cologne is an imitation perfume – not the real thing!
We would all happily go back to Cologne as there is so much more to do and see – museums, galleries, the Rathaus (Town Hall), shops etc.  It was so good to hear the German language all the time.  Did our German ‘improve’?  I think so!  Barbara Evans.