Into robots or coding?

Introducing a New Initiative  . . .the U3A Constructor’s Challenge 2019 Are there any mechanical or electrical constructors in the U3A movement who like to build small items as projects? We are proposing a new initiative where particular project builds can be capable of moving and being controlled, and are pitted against each other in […]

Relaxation – February 2019

We are now back in full swing and feeling the benefit of meditation once again. This term we are concentrating on Buddhist Meditation and Visualisation Techniques. The dates for February are the 12th and the 27th. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from 10-12MD , if interested in joining us […]

Understanding Spirtuality – January 2019

Our first meeting is on January 15th, we will be meeting on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month from 10.30-12.30. This is a participatory group where people can discuss experiences and find out information. Meditation will play a central part of this as it facilitates the understanding of ourselves both of the mind […]

piile of books with glasses on top

Modern Play Reading – January 2019

We next meet at 2pm on Tuesday, January 15th. The aspiring authors of Pendon Writers’ Circle, who had left their final meeting of the year reluctantly mulling over the chairman’s half-baked idea that a collaborative effort might help them at last to set pen to paper, did indeed see their combined talents coming to fruition […]

Group Enabler

A Happy New Year to you all. I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. There was a very distressing incident just before Christmas when two ladies from the Book Club were trapped in the lift at the Congregational Church and the Fire Brigade had to to be called to get them out. This now […]

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Creative writing for fun – January 2019

  After time off for bad behaviour at Christmas, we will be picking up our pens/tablets/laptops etc in January to write 500 – 600 words, to be read out when we meet (last Friday of the month, 2 – 4pm at Little Bowden Church). Our topic for Friday 25th January is ’66’, and for 22nd […]

Cardcraft 2 – January 2019

  Nothing new to report this time as we have just enjoyed a break. We shall have resumed our sessions on Thursday January 3rd at St Nicholas Church and I am sure I speak for us all, when I say, we shall be looking forward to more fun and creativity. Happy New Year. Vivian Hammond

From the Chair

I would like to wish all our members a Happy New Year.  January can be a quiet month but I know that, like me, you will welcome the opportunity to join in with the wide range of SLU3A activities and meet up again with friends.  Maybe 2019 is the time to try something different?  Whilst […]

From the Membership Secretary

Another year has past and we are already in 2019. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy and Successful New Year.   Last year was one of many changes and I suspect that 2019 will be very similar. It has been decided that in 2019 after discussions with the Group leaders, […]

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Holiday French

New Group I have been contacted by a member who wishes to start a group to learn Basic Holiday French. The group will be a self help group where members will use cds, phrasebooks, dictionaries etc in order to learn enough French to get them through a holiday. If you are interested in doing this […]