Network Newsletter

You can download the latest newsletter from the Leicestershire and Rutland U3A Network here.  They also sent information from Leicestershire Police about protecting your car from vehicle thieves. That one can be downloaded here.  

Liz Brett

Speaker coordinator

Last month, it was good to see so many members joining us via Zoom for Sarah Slater’s talk.  We were thoroughly entertained by the salacious tales about the goings on amongst the leading characters of the Stuart and Georgian courts. I definitely have a trip to Hampton Court on my ‘to do’ list!   Michael […]

Membership secretary

We are now fully into the season for the payment of your Annual Renewal Subscriptions, which should be paid by 01 May 2021. Many thanks to all the members who have already renewed their membership and also for the very lovely comments that many of you have sent to us.   The Renewal Subscription can […]

Louise Elsome

Group Enabler

With signs of Spring and a return to normality not too far over the horizon, the future looks somewhat brighter than it did at the start of the year. It will be a gradual return for most of our groups and perhaps this is a time to reflect on how things will look in the […]

From the Chair

As the spring days unfold and there is a roadmap out of lockdown, we need to turn our attention to publicising our splendid SLU3A and promoting recruitment to ensure its continuity in the long term.  If you are interested in helping us do this and would like to join a small, friendly sub-group of Committee […]

u3a Member Link

National U3A has  produced  two page flyer entitled U3A Member Link  which has been sent out to all U3As.  It is part of an initiaitve to keep in touch with all members across the UK.  The flyer gives lots of suggestions for keeping in touch, providing support and things to do.  You can download this […]

Publicity officer needed

Do you have skills or experience of publicity and marketing, including the use of social media?  If so, your Committee would like to hear from you. We are looking for a member to work with the Committee to publicise SLU3A, as well as promoting recruitment and retention of new members.  This initiative is in conjunction […]

Covid19 Vaccine Fraud

Our local U3A Network has been asked by Leicestershire Police to make members aware of the potential for cyber-fraud in connection with the vaccination programme. The key points are: The NHS will: NEVER ask for payment – the vaccine is free NEVER ask for your bank details NEVER arrive unannounced at your home to administer […]

Courier Fraud and other scams

  Leicestershire Police have sent this update to their information on avoiding scams that we need to take note of, especially at this time of Covid lockdowns. It covers several types of telephone scam and how to avoid being caught by them.  It also introduces a device to attach to your landline which intercepts calls […]

Liz Brett

Speaker Coordinator

It was good to see so many members joining us for last month’s Zoom talk.  We hope you will all be able to be with us again next week when Sarah Slater, Guide Lecturer at Hampton Court Palace, will be speaking about ‘ Sex, Secrets, Scandal and Salacious Gossip 1660-1830’.  It sounds intriguing!! In March, […]