Online training opportunities

The latest addition to the learning events available through National Office is a 1-hour talk entitled Wellbeing in Nature on Thursday, 5th August at 2pm. It’s an interactive talk and discussion on the benefits of spending time in nature. For details go to: u3a – Online Events. The recent talk/discussion “Alternative Ways of Meeting – […]

u3a 40th Anniversary Quilt Competition

40th Anniversary of the u3a movement 2022 In 2022, u3a will celebrate its 40th anniversary and a number of national events are planned throughout the year. Because there are so many Craft groups, there will be a competition to create an Anniversary quilt as a lasting souvenir of the occasion. This quilt is envisaged as […]

u3a Chess Network

CHESS CAN BE ENJOYABLE (& GOOD FOR YOU) After two successful u3a Zoom meetings support has been gathered from u3a members representing all parts of the UK for the start of the u3a CHESS NETWORK The Network aims to promote the study and playing of Chess in the u3a – both in local u3as and […]

From National u3a: Be Alert About Phishing and Other Scams

The Third Age Trust wants to share with you information about the latest scams. Below are two experiences from u3a members who contacted us to share with other u3as. A u3a member got in touch with us to tell us she had received a phishing email supposedly from Norton, an anti virus software company, about […]

Papercraft and More – July 2021

We continue to meet via zoom twice a month, we have a good old gossip and chat as well as making things. We made some lovely easy cards this month and are looking forward to making a gift box next month as well as a couple of cards. If you like crafting, particularly papercrafting (on […]

Membership secretary

  The renewal period has ended and for anyone who has not paid their yearly subscription, their membership of the SLu3a has now ceased. The current membership now stands at 624 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has renewed their membership this year and previously. However, I am really delighted to welcome a further 9 new […]


From the Chair

Another quiet month for slu3a from the Committee stance.  We are all eagerly awaiting the result of the voting at the AGM on 12th July and the way ahead will become clearer, whichever direction it takes us in. Hopefully you have submitted your proxy vote for the various resolutions, but, if not, I look forward to […]

Louise Elsome

Group Enabler

The sunnier weather and the prospect of happier times ahead gives us all hope for a return to normal group activities. Many groups are looking at ways of meeting up and making arrangements for booking venues in the future. I’m pleased to say that there is the possibility of two new groups starting up – […]

Liz Brett

Speaker Coordinator

  It’s now a year since we began holding our Monthly Meetings via Zoom. This has proved to be very successful, and we have all enjoyed a variety of talks from some excellent speakers.   We’ve been awed by wildlife and shown how to take better photos with our mobiles.  Once, we were treated to […]