New Music Group

Fancy playing some pop, rock, punk, or even blues?  We are looking for members to join a new group for playing a variety of rock music for beginners, intermediate and experienced alike.  The idea is we just get together and play music for enjoyment and for it to be fun most of all! We are looking for players and singers, so if you fancy playing or can play, guitars (acoustic and electric), keyboards, bass, drums, harmonica or any instrument then contact me. Hopefully, there are some more experienced players who can join in  and play the lead instrument for the rest of us to follow.  Before moving to Market Harborough, I joined in a  jamming group in our local village pub as a guitar novice and, after a while was playing rhythm guitar performing in the village hall! It was great fun, i learnt a lot from the other guys and it involved beer!

Learn 3 chords and you can play a lot of pop music!  If there is sufficient interest, then I can sort out setting up the group.

Alan Clementson  01858 461088 0797 2212537