New Experiences – November

In October, 12 members of the group enjoyed scaling the indoor climbing walls at the Pinnacle centre in Northampton. We all ‘rose’ to the challenge and everyone managed to summit the 12.5m wall.  Our next New Experience will be a visit to Beckworth Emporium for a choice of Ice skating and/or curling. The skating is £7 for an hour and the curling is £80 per lane for up to 8 people. (wear normal shoes with grips for curling).  Tuesday 27th November, skating is from 11am -11.45 and Curling is 12pm to 1.30.

Anyone is very welcome to join us for a new experience activity they might like to try, there is no  obligation to attend everything, so just contact the group leader if you would like to join us at Beckworth.

Kevin Millard 01858 468015