Music Appreciation (Fridays) – November

At our October Meeting we listened to a selection representing Joseph Haydn’s long and fruitful career as a composer. We Started our morning with his Symphony No 45 named the ‘Farewell’ as the final movement featured the musicians leaving the platform until the movement ended with only two violins. This was followed by the Cello Concerto which Haydn wrote in the latter part of his life. It is said that Haydn invented the String Quartet in the form we know it today and this was illustrated by the ‘Lark’ String Quartet (one of sixty eight). Our morning closed with a  performance of his Trumpet Concerto by Alison Balsom. The concerto was dedicated by Haydn to Anton Weidinger,  the inventor of the valve trumpet , and was performed for the first time in 1800

Our November meeting will be on the 30th as usual a 19 Westfield Close

Geoffrey Moth  tel: 01858 432275