Message from our Chairman

Dear friends I have to tell you that I have just entered my 75th year and this has lead me to think about where life is going to take me over the coming years. Like many of you, what it is that I am going to be able to do as the years roll on is in the forefront of my mind. But two things give me hope for the future! The first of these being that we are seeing more of the sun each day as the seasons move on towards spring. The other is my membership of SLU3A and what this has given me.

There are many benefits that I could list but to me the most important is that it has given me access to a large group of people who I can now call friends. It is a great experience to walk down town and to be greeted by many people who a few years ago would have walked past without thinking.

This group of people are responsible for making access to many forms of activities available to the members and making life interesting. These groups are run by volunteers who have a love and experience of one or more pastime or pursuit and are willing to share it with other members. This is the lifeblood of the association without which the membership would have nothing to attract them to the association.

Like all other walks of life, these groups need constant refreshment of thoughts and ideas and these can only be supplied by you the members. If your group is running short of new material or is having to put off new joiners because their is no room at the present time, don’t just sit back and leave it to somebody else. Remember that a “Self-Help” group like the U3A can only function if the membership is willing to give as well as take!


Don Collins