For new members

Joining the SLu3a could not be easier. You can join online here,  by downloading an Application form or by contacting our Membership Secretary at 11 Austins Close, Market Harborough, LE16 9BJ, email at, Tel. 01858 440851. We will require your full name, postal address, email or phone number.

From the first of September 2021 the new members subscriptions are £6.00 or £4.00, if you are already a fully paid up member of another U3A.  Proof of membership must be provided including Membership Number and the amount of the fee paid.

Your subscription can either be paid online through our Website using a Debit/Credit Card as above, by cheque with an Application form( Please make cheques payable to the SLU3A ) or by Debit/Credit card providing your application form has already been received by the Membership Secretary. Your mobile telephone number will be required and you must have a smart phone capable of internet connection. 

 You will also be able to join at one of our General Meetings, held on the second Monday morning of every month from 10am till 12 noon in the Jubilee Hall of the Congregational Church, Bowden Lane, Market Harborough.  We look forward to welcoming you to the General Meetings, for here you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, listen to our guest speaker, meet friends and Group Organisers, learn more about our interest groups, and book holidays and coach trips. Any visitors are encouraged to make a donation of £2. The tea and coffee will only be available from October.

Renewing your membership

The Existing Members 2021/22 subscription from 01 May 2021 will be £15.00, if you are an Individual member or £11.50, if you are a fully paid Individual Member of another U3A. The Renewal Subscription can be paid by Cheque payable to the SLu3a and forwarded to the Membership Secretary, or by Debit/ Credit card via telephone to the Membership Secretary (Tel. 01858 440851). Your mobile telephone number will be required and your mobile must be a smart phone. A link will be forwarded to your mobile to enable you to make the payment.

 By Debit/Credit card through the Membership Section of the Website. Renew membership online by clicking here (see note below about logging on). ‘

To log on you will need to enter your ID in 4 fields:  membership number, first and last names with initial capitals and your post code and membership number (these 2 fields are not case sensitive).  If making a joint payment, the user with the lower membership number needs to log on.

If you have any queries concerning your renewal subscription, Please contact our Membership Secretary, Ian Webb, 11 Austins Close, Market Harborough, LE16 9BJ, email Tel. 01858 440851.

Important: If you have changed your name, status, address, telephone number or email address in recent times, you can let us know on the form on the Contact Us page or get in touch with Ian Webb on 01858 440851 to update these very important details.  Similarly, if you are about to set sail for pastures new in a different county, country, continent or galaxy, please also let us know.  Thank you!

Membership Renewal Form   –   Please use this form when renewing your membership, if possible. Logging on to pay subscription on line It is good  to see so many members make use of the facility to renew on line.  However several members have experienced difficulty logging on and I should just like to remind you of several things when logging on to the portal as all 5 items need to be correct (yes, I know, it is quirky!): Firstly, you need your membership number to hand. Make sure CAPS LOCK is switched off, ie key in your names with initial capitals If you are known by a preferred name, not your long name, then the latter is what you have to key in, eg Patricia not Pat. If renewing for more than one member, enter the details for the lower membership number first. Remember to put a space between the two parts of the postcode. Below is a screenshot to show you an example: If you are ready to pay now, click on: South Leicestershire U3A Membership Portal If you have any queries, please get back to me: or the membership secretary: Helen Salisbury,  Chair, SLU3A and Administrator for Beacon Membership Database

Gift Aid

Your gift aid contribution can make a major difference to our funds, enabling us to provide further support for  our groups and individual members. Also, hopefully it will bolster our aim to decrease our subscription charges from 2021 onwards, thus reducing the cost to you as a member. Please note that Gift Aid can only be reclaimed on donations made by individuals who pay UK income or capital gains tax at a rate at least equal to the amount reclaimed on their donations in the current tax year. The SLU3A as a charity can claim back 25% of your annual membership subscription. It does not cost you any money nor does it affect your tax coding. Please download the Gift Aid form below.  Then complete your name and sign and date the form and either hand or forward the form to the Membership Secretary. It is not necessary to include your Membership Number. The only requirement is that you must inform us if you are no longer a UK Taxpayer.

Membership Form       This membership form is only for new applicants applying to become members for the first time. You do not need it to renew an existing membership.

Gift Aid form  This form is for existing members who wish us to be able to claim tax back for  membership payments. To view a file in PDF format you may need Adobe Reader,  distributed by Adobe Systems. You can get a free download of Adobe Reader at   Here is a video produced by National U3A: