Membership Secretary

We are now fully into the season for the payment of your Annual Renewal Subscriptions, which should be paid by 01 May 2021.

From 01 February 2021, the Renewal Subscription can be paid by Cheque through the post to me at 11 Austins Close, Market Harborough, Leics, LE16 9BJ please make cheques payable to the SLU3A,  by Debit/Credit card via telephone to the Membership Secretary on 01858 440851 (your mobile telephone number will be required and it must be a Smart phone)   or by Debit/Credit card through the Membership Section of the Website.

Further details of this method of payment are available on the SLU3A Website.

The subscriptions for 2021/22 have been reduced this year to £15.00 for a full Individual Member and £11.50 for an Associate Member. To qualify for Associate membership with the SLU3A, you must already be a full Individual Member of another U3A, which is your Main or Primary U3A and pay your full membership fee to them. Confirmation of the name of that U3A and Membership Number should be provided when paying your Subscription.

If you are a UK Taxpayer and have not already agreed to Gift Aid your subscription, please consider whether you would like some of your income tax to benefit the SLU3A. This will enable us to continue to support our groups and possibly retain the lower subscription fees for more than one year. Gift Aid is a device by which income tax paid by individuals can be gifted by them to a charity such as the SLU3A. There is no cost to you and it will not affect your income tax payments in any way.  Please contact me for a Gift Aid form or you can download one from the Membership Section of the website.

I am delighted to welcome a further 2 new members, who joined us over the few weeks:  Susan Roberts and Danica Zedan. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to the SLU3A and trust that they will become fully involved and enjoy the wide range of events and activities that are still available.”

Finally, I still have remaining two 2021 U3A diaries. If you are still interested in purchasing one, they are now available at £2.00 each. Please contact me if you wish to purchase one

Ian Webb

Membership Secretary