Membership Secretary

Membership secretary
“Following the successful new Members coffee morning, we are introducing a new initiative in contacting each new member individually, approximately a month after they have joined us to check whether the SLU3A has met their requirements or are there still issues that need to be resolved before they can become fully involved.

Liz Brett from the Committee has kindly agreed to take this initiative forward

I am delighted that following New Members have joined the SLU3A during the last month, Brand Sharpe, Jill Wormald, Michael Hencock, Linda Hencock, Tina Bevan, Tom Fitzgibbon, Anne Trigg, Mary Kelly, Robert Cook, Lizzie Pownall, Eric Chapman, Margaret Christian and Ken Reeve

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to the SLU3A and trust that they will become fully involved with us and enjoy the wide range of events and activities available. ”
Ian Webb