Membership Secretary

We are now fully into the season for the payment of the Annual Subscriptions. Many thanks to the 181 members who have already paid.

As we have previously mentioned in addition to paying by cheque or cash either at the monthly meeting or by post to myself  (my address is included on Page 2 of this Newsletter), there is a further way to pay: by either Debit/Credit card through the SLU3A website. Further details about this method of payment may be found in the Membership Section of the website.

The subscriptions for 2020/21 remain at £20.00 for a full Individual Member and £16.50 for an Associate Member. To enable a member to qualify for discounted Associate Membership subscription, they should provide proof that they are an full Individual Member of another U3A including membership number and amount paid.

I am delighted to welcome a further 8 members, who joined us in February: Diane & David Taylor, Patricia & Nick Jackman, Judith Frenchman, David Lowe, Jill Moore and Stephanie Goodway. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to the SLU3A and trust that they will become fully involved and enjoy the wide range of events and activities that are available.

I will be away on holiday from the middle of March, so please accept my apologies in advance for any delays that may occur in my responding to any correspondence.