Membership Secretary

We still have few of The U3A Diary for 2020 available and if you want to ensure that you obtain one, please see me at the December meeting before they are all sold. They are available for sale at a very reasonable price of £3.25 and also make very good Christmas presents.

Further  to my previous notes over the last months, many thanks to all the Members and the Group Leaders who have forwarded completed Gift Aid declarations. However, it is still only a small percentage of the Membership that have Gift Aided their Membership Contribution and most of those are New Members to the SLU3A. If you have  completed a form, please forward this to me as soon as possible

Gift Aid can provide an important contribution to our funds, enabling us to provide more support for both our Groups and Members and possibly in the future, help towards reducing the Membership subscriptions.

If you are a UK Tax payer, all you have to do is to write your name on and then sign and date a Declaration form. There is no other action required from you and it does not cost you any money or affect your tax position. Please see me at the next meeting or your Group Leader and pick up a Declaration form for completion!

I am delighted to welcome Jenny Egner and Karin Twigger who have joined us in November. I extend to them a very warm welcome to the SLU3A.

Ian Webb