Martin Thom – Finance

Martin ThomAbout 20 years ago, an item in the Harborough Mail announced a meeting to form a new U3A group.  Having just retired and been Treasurer for the Harborough Theatre, I went along and offered to start up the Treasurer/Membership duties on a temporary basis, as I was planning on living overseas.

I soon passed the role onto David who has carried it out magnificently ever since.  On seeing Helen’s recent pleas for a new Treasurer (or the possible demise of the Branch), I called her and after a few chats, here I am – back at square one!

There is a huge challenge to transfer one system of accounting onto a new and different tailor made computer system designed for U3A, but with help from the Committee and other Branches, I’m sure we can crack it.

I look forward to working with everyone and please bear with me in the early stages – it’s a steep learning curve for us all.