Martin Thom

As a founder member of SLU3A and the original Treasurer and Membership Secretary, (albeit for a short while), I felt it incumbent to volunteer for temporary Treasurer last year after numerous appeals for a successor to David Kyle.  Although I had little involvement in the Branch due to living overseas, I had followed its growth and success with great pride.

My task was to migrate the financial system onto the Beacon software, tailored for all U3A Branches.

This has now been completed and is working well and we have also introduced online Banking, which has enabled more efficient payments and scrutiny of our accounts by the Officers.  Several other recommendations have also been implemented or are work in progress, which will greatly improve the ease and efficiency of our administration and reduce the workload on all our volunteers.

Over the last 20 years, we have grown from infancy to one of the largest Branches in the area and it’s important that the heavy workload be made as efficient and professional as possible for our volunteers.

I am privileged to have helped this process and I’m sure our new Treasurer Paul Simpson with his financial background and experience, will continue to improve our efficiency.

My thanks to the Committee for their support and especially to Helen our Chair, for her unstinting backing and confidence (I doubt few of us realize the hours she puts in to maintain our Branch).

Let’s all look forward to our 20th anniversary Birthday in May and enjoy the celebrations of what is a fantastic success story due to you, our members.  We’re all in it together and can make it even better with your help.