March Outing Report

A first for the group this month was a visit to Stanford Reservoir courtesy of my permit! If there was any doubt about Spring’s arrival it was put to bed by the constant singing of Skylark and Chiffchaff as we made our way around the

Reed Bunting

reserve. Reed Buntings were observed in large numbers with a couple of Yellowhammers amongst them. Some of us were lucky enough to catch the flash of a Kingfisher as it wizzed past us and circled the reserve. Not anywhere near as difficult to see were a delightful pair of Grey Wagtails pottering around the overflow channel. Of interest, we also saw a Hare, a Peacock butterfly sunning itself and a Grass Snake; how nobody trod on the latter I’ll never know as that was right in the middle of the grass path albeit cunningly camouflaged!

Bruce White