June report 2021

Near Aldwincle is Titchmarsh a  wonderful peaceful nature reserve . The reserve  is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and the wildlife group were not disappointed when they visited in June. As we walked through the meadow we identified Goatsbeard and Cut -leafed Cranesbill and Yellow Meadow Pea. We were greeted by huge numbers of Banded Demoiselles perching on nettle beds, numerous snails  and beetles and a red and black Common Froghopper. One of the highlights of this trip was definitely the sight of lots of Damselflies mainly Common Blue ,a female and male  Scarce Chaser a Large Red Damselfly and a Hairy Dragonfly which all gave us some excellent photo opportunities. Several butterflies were seen including Orange tip, Brimstone, and Green -veined white. As we walked around the reserve we saw lots of geese with their goslings, a pair of  Herons an Oyster Catcher and watched Terns and Gulls flying over the water. We listened to the song of The Common  Whitethroat, heard Sedge  and Cetti warblers and  watched a Reed Bunting singing in the top of a tree.