Help form a ‘Coffee Committee’

Helpers needed!

We all like our cup of tea or coffee (and biscuit!) at the monthly General Meeting, but the committee is finding it evermore difficult to man it each month.  With this in mind, we feel the best way forward is to form a ‘coffee committee’ with around fifteen to twenty people.  We’ve found that four people is a good number on the serving ‘team’ and will easily cover making the drinks and cleaning  up.  One or two people in the team will be responsible for bringing along the tea, coffee, etc, each month and each team from an overall committee of sixteen need only serve three times a year.  It’s not a difficult job at all and it is really enjoyable meeting and chatting to other members.

coffee vintage

If you would like to lend a hand do please contact Enid Sanders at a General Meeting or on 01858 432237,

or any other member of the committee.