Happy Memories from SLU3A

It’s a ‘break’ – never a holiday

Peter Ellement started the All Day Walking group shortly after moving to Market Harborough and joining the slu3a.  Before long he and Janet suggested a short walking break for regular walkers.  They would visit their chosen area to work out suitable walks and discover local B&Bs and pubs which members could book into; and always booked a local pub for the group evening meals.  The trip always included the last Thursday in June – our monthly walking date – and was always called a break – never a holiday!  This is where they went with a couple of special memories at the foot of the list:

2004 Derbyshire

2005 Church Stretton

2006 Monmouth

2007 Hunstanton

2008 Cirencester

2009 Melksham

2010 Henley

2011 Tewkesbury

2012 Louth

2013 Castleton

2014 Ludlow

2015 Andover

2016 Horning, Norfolk


Bruce and Pauline White and I are now the only ones who have been on all the breaks (Jill Hart only missed the first one).

Thank you to Sylvia Mountford for supplying these happy memories and to Bruce White for checking his archives and supplying the photos.

The Stepping stones at Dovedale;the Cotswold Water park; walking through Turville, the Vicar of Dibley village; seeing the Olympic torch setting off at Louth; Stannage Edge limestone pavement and the two young men, who had seen us enjoying an evening together and asked about the group. When we explained U3A to them their response was “We can’t wait to be old!”