Group Enablers Report – December

We plan to hold our customary “Open Day” on Monday 12th February 2018.

Can you please let us know wether you wish your group to be represented and provide an indication of your requirements (small/large tables, access to power etc)
Space is bound to be at a premium again so PLEASE can you restrict your requirements to the minimum needed to reasonably promote your group.
If your group doesn’t intend to be represented on this occasion that will be valuable information too. A confirmation email of non-attendance would be appreciated.
Can you please let us know by 12th JANUARY 2018 please. send your reply to
Many thanks again to all the Group Leaders who continue to run our many groups. If there are any members who wish to join or start new groups please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to help. We are looking forward to the start of the new Book Group in January 2018. You may have seen this announced in the November magazine . If you are interested in joining please ring Sharon Webb on 01858 440851 or email

The Group Leaders Meeting on 17th November was well attended. Group Leaders who were present heard about the changes to the Newsletter from Mike Goldsmith.  Ian Webb and Helen Salisbury then outlined the Beacon system for collecting and storing data. Leaders asked a few questions about Beacon, but the general feeling was positive and it should benefit all of us in time. Some groups are changing meeting rooms as we lose the Bowden Room at the end of 2017.  All Leaders that this affects have been informed.  There are a few adjustments to be made and the Group Enablers and David Kyle are assisting with this. We are grateful for everyone’s understanding and cooperation.

We have been asked to remind you to familiarise yourself with the fire exits and safety procedures in your venues.

Contacts: Sharon Webb 01858 440851  or Rose Gale 01536 506434