Group enabler

Thank you to all Group Leaders who attended the Workshop on 5th July. It was a very successful event with everyone taking the opportunity to share ideas. Mike Goldsmith introduced his proposal for a SLU3A project based on the 1960s – more about this in the September Newsletter. All Group Leaders have been contacted about our 20th Anniversary Celebrations planned for May 2020 and the response has been very positive. However, there’s still room for more!

Do you want to take up something new? Keep Fit (Thursday) would love new members and Table Tennis 3 (Wednesday) is particularly keen for beginners to join them. Unfortunately, we no longer have a Needlecraft group, but if there are any stitchers/sewers out there who’d like to set up a new one, please contact me. A new Wine Tasting group is in the pipeline and should be established in the next few weeks. Finally, if you think your group would benefit from using a voice amplifier, please let me know as there is one available.

Louise Elsome

To all Group Leaders: Please contact the Group Enabler if there are any changes to your group regarding venue, leader, day or time or if you have a Waiting List.