Group Enabler

Despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, SLu3a is in a good position with most of our groups now in action and ready to transition to Harborough Welland u3a in January 2022. To support SL and MH Group Leaders with this, we are running a Group Leaders’ Workshop on Tuesday 7th December and I hope that many of the Group Leaders will book a place at this session.

I’m pleased to say that plans to launch a new French group have resulted in two groups being set up – French Improvers and French Rendez-vous. Thank you to Julie Jarosz and Marlis Naef who will be leading these groups respectively and to Rosemary Holden for helping them to get started. For further details, both groups are listed at the end of the Newsletter.

After much consideration, Christine and Alastair Willis have decided to continue as Group Leaders of the Thursday half-day Walking group and they will be supported by Peter Devine in this role. It’s good to see group members getting more involved – our groups will not function without them!

Two of our longer-established groups have decided to call it a day – Society Today and Italian Post-Beginners. Jim Calcutt has been involved with Society Today for over 10 years and, along with Tom Gilmore, led many lively debates and discussions over the years. The Italian group has greatly diminished in numbers and, with no new interest shown, Linda Carruthers recognises that it’s no longer viable. My thanks go to Jim and Linda for their enthusiasm and effort in running these groups for SLu3a.    Recently, all members on email were contacted to ask for volunteers to help out in different ways when HWu3a is launched. Thank you to everyone who has responded, but more support is needed in order for the new u3a to function. We’re aiming to establish a team of volunteers from both existing u3as and set up rotas so that tasks are shared. Please contact either myself or Helen Salisbury if you’d like to be part of the STARS team (Special Tasks and Resources).

Louise Elsome