Group Enabler 

With almost all our groups resuming in September, it will be a busy month and, in addition, Group Leaders have been updating their membership lists in preparation for the formation of Harborough Welland u3a at the beginning of next year. With the lifting of restrictions it’s now up to individual members to take responsibility for their own safety and it’s understandable if you don’t feel ready just yet to return to face to face meetings. Some groups are choosing to continue on Zoom or meeting outside while weather permits.

GROUP UDATES: There are new Group Leaders in place for Bridge (Social) and Singing for Fun; thanks go to Don Collins and George Cashell respectively for stepping up. Sue Jones has been Group Leader of the Bridge group for 13 years and I’m very grateful to her for all her support during this time. Ann Tonkin has been a mainstay of the Singing for Fun group over the years and will continue helping out with admin tasks – many thanks for that! 

Unfortunately, the following groups are calling it a day – Italian Not Absolute Beginners, Mah Jong and Shakespeare for Fun. Their Group Leaders, Linda Carruthers/Sharon Webb, Brenda Lord and Ernie Parsons respectively have all made a huge contribution to these groups which is much appreciated.

The Science and Technology group is holding its final meeting on 22nd September; Michael Milsom has done a sterling job keeping the meetings going on Zoom and opening up the world of science to all our members.

The Family History Group is looking for a Group Leader to replace Shaun Coles who is standing down. You don’t have to be a group member to take on this role – perhaps you’ve started looking into your family tree and want to find out more. Please let me know if you want to get involved – it can easily be a shared responsibility.

Although we’ve lost a few groups over the past year and a half, we have also seen the emergence of some new ones and I hope that this will continue. If you have an idea for a new group – maybe you learned a new skill during lockdown – please get in touch. All ideas are welcome!

Louise Elsome