Group Enabler

The sunnier weather and the prospect of happier times ahead gives us all hope for a return to normal group activities. Many groups are looking at ways of meeting up and making arrangements for booking venues in the future.

I’m pleased to say that there is the possibility of two new groups starting up – Birdwatching 2 and Pickleball. There are already several members interested in this second Birdwatching group and additional members are certainly welcome. If you’d like to find out more, please come along to an informal meeting on Wednesday 28th July at 10am in Welland Park (near the Cafe) where Bruce White and myself will help you to get the group off the ground. One of our newest members, Jane Strachan, is keen to set up a Pickleball group so, if you want to try something new or perhaps want to hone your racquet sport skills, then this is for you! The game is played with a plastic ball using lightweight paddles and is great for fitness and good health, as well as being fun. Please contact Jane on 07895 240555 to register your interest.

Two further groups require new Group Leaders. The Langton Lunch Groups, formerly led by Luella Freston, were both meeting monthly up until March 2020 and, due to Luella moving away, now need a volunteer to take over the meal bookings when they can meet up again. So far, no-one has come forward from the existing members to take on this role and, unless someone does, the groups will fold. Brenda Lord is standing down as Group Leader of the Mah Jong Group and is happy to support whoever steps forward to take her place. My thanks go to both Luella and Brenda for their support over the years. Please consider these roles if you wish these groups to continue – it’s an opportunity to get more involved and should not be an onerous task.

Please get in touch with me for anything groups-related – all ideas are welcome!