Group Enabler


In Group News, our outdoor groups have wasted no time in getting out and about, making the most of the dry, sunny Spring weather. Not to be outdone, some of the groups which normally meet indoors have also taken advantage of the long-awaited relaxation of restrictions; speaking French or knitting a blanket is just as possible ‘al fresco’! The Quiz group is having a summer break and will meet up again in September. Thanks go to Dave Martin (and pop-up guests) for organising the questions in such an entertaining way – Wednesday nights will not be the same.

Three of our Walking Group Leaders – Bruce White, Kevin Millard and Diana Baxter – are busy planning a Joint Walk with MHu3a for National u3a Day on June 2nd. Their support and input is much appreciated and, once the finer details have been sorted out, we will let you know how to get involved.

A Group Leaders’ Workshop is planned for Wednesday May 6th and I’m hoping this will be the final one using Zoom. This is your opportunity to put forward ideas and discuss issues, especially important as we focus on how our groups will work in the future. Please get in touch if you wish to attend.

You will have received an email from me recently regarding setting up a Buddy System whereby one member supports another with whatever assistance they need with technology.  I’ve had one offer of help so, if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to get you started, just get in touch.