Group enabler

Since last month some of our groups have been able to venture outdoors in small gatherings to enjoy various activities together. I would like to thank the Group Leaders who have taken these first steps as this has involved additional planning to ensure everyone’s safety. Groups which have already started up again and those who are planning to do so very soon are Tennis, Walking Half-Day (Bruce White), Drawing and Painting, Cycling, French Refreshers, New Experiences and Poetry. If any other groups have also taken the plunge please share your experiences with us in future Newsletters.

Zoom Account – Please let me know if your group would like to meet up on Zoom as there are still time slots available.

New Groups – Although it may be some time before any new groups are able to start up, here is a reminder of the activities which members showed interest in before lockdown – Wildlife, Walking Cricket, IT Support, a 2nd Birdwatching group and Ukuleles Unplugged.

If you are interested in joining a group, whether a new or more established one, please contact me.

Louise Elsome, at or 07740572956.