Guten Tag!  Usual nonsense follows.

After a utepils or two, it is easy to desbundar: you may well then form a schnapsidee!  But not if you speak English, because we don’t have single words for the various emotional states in that sentence.  Utepils is Norwegian for ‘a beer enjoyed outside on the first hot day of the year’, while desbundar is Portuguese meaning ‘to shed one’s inhibitions in having fun’.  Shnapsidee is German for ‘a daft plan thought up while drunk’.  These words are all in a list of 216 compiled for the Journal of Positive Psychology to show cultural differences and to help extend the emotional vocabulary of English speakers.  As summer approaches it seems a pity that we don’t have the Icelandic equivalent of solarfri – sun holiday – when workers are granted unexpected time off to enjoy a warm day.  Let’s hope that, as retired folk, we get plenty of those in June.