From the Membership Secretary

Another year has past and we are already in 2019. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Happy and Successful New Year.   Last year was one of many changes and I suspect that 2019 will be very similar. It has been decided that in 2019 after discussions with the Group leaders, we are going to discontinue the issue of Membership Cards. They were quite expensive and time consuming to prepare and have become more irrelevant, as the Group leaders now have access to all their Members Names and Numbers. When issuing the Confirmation of payment for the 2019/20  Subscriptions, we will still include your Membership Number in the documentation.

Talking of the Annual Subscription, we are now more than happy to accept payment of your Annual Subscription from January onwards, if anyone of you wishes to start a trend of an early payment. This is now £20.00 for Individual Members and £16.50 for Associate Members, who also belong to another U3A and a pay a full membership fee to them.

We are delighted that the SLU3A continues to grow and I am pleased to welcome a further 9 New Members, who joined us in December, Alan Gurr, Philip Pope, Ian Hearn, Chris Gladman, John Freeland, Tony Ward, Roger Hull, Jennifer Mandry and Yvonne Starkey. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to the SLU3A and trust that they will be become fully involved with us and enjoy the wide range of events and activities that are available.

Two Additional Ways to Pay the Subscription

Following requests from the Membership. We are pleased to confirm that from 2019, we are now able to offer two further options for paying the annual subscription. This will be either by a Standing Order or through the Website using a Credit or Debit Card.

We are still happy to accept payment by the current choices of Cheque or Cash.

Full details of these two new alternatives will be available shortly on our Website.

As agreed at the last AGM in May 2018, in view of our current financial position, it has been necessary to increase the Membership Subscription for the year 2019/20 to £20.00 for a Full Member and £16.50 for a Associate Member. This a where someone is also a Full Member of another U3A.

In this instance, we will require confirmation of the name of the other U3A and Membership Number when the reduced subscription is paid to us.

Ian Webb   Membership Secretary