From the Chair

The AGM will upon us as the May Newsletter is published and, assuming all goes to plan, I am delighted to welcome 3 new trustees: Martin Thom -Treasurer, Louise Elsome – Group Enabler and Stuart Irons – Premises and Accessibility Co-ordinator.  You can find out more about them elsewhere in this publication.

Before we leave this year, which incurred a number of essential changes to SLU3A procedures (including our on line membership database and introducing a range of policies to meet regulatory needs), I would like to touch on rents.  For many years SLU3A has enjoyed block bookings at some venues.  When set up it was thought to be the best way to get value for money and to ensure that groups always had somewhere to meet.  However, over time, groups come and go as members’ interests change.  Unfortunately income and costs no longer coincide, not all slots are filled and running costs at the venues themselves have risen in line with the cost of living.  We are pleased to say SLU3A members continue to benefit from negotiated, preferential room hire rates at our venues.   I hope Group Leaders and members feel that your Committee has been there to provide ongoing advice and support during this period of transition, and we will, of course, continue to do so.  To ensure transparency going forwards, a list of all the negotiated, venue rental charges will shortly be available on our website.

Helen Salisbury