From the Chair

I would like to wish all our SLU3A members a peaceful Christmas season.  Learn, Live and Laugh is the U3A motto and I hope many of you will having fun, and maybe getting to know each better, when you meet for the seasonal activities that many groups organise.

Looking forward to Christmas 2019, a volunteer is still urgently needed to help co-ordinate the lunch at Hothorpe Hall.   The booking has to be finalised in January and so, if you want it to continue, contact me immediately, please!  It’s not too onerous: publicity, taking bookings and being there on the day to make sure it runs smoothly.

Two of us attended the Leicestershire and Rutland U3A Group meeting recently and it was a very worthwhile opportunity to network, as well as sharing good practice and problems with other trustees.  We are hosting the next quiz in the spring but more of that in the New Year.

Did you know?

Whether our groups meet indoors or on trips, it is helpful to have emergency contacts should anything unexpected happen.  To update your membership record, email Ian Webb:  or call: 01858 440851 or include a note with your 2019 membership renewal.  If the contact is someone outside your family, do remember to ask their permission.

Helen Salisbury