From the Chair – October

‘Mutuality’ (the sharing of a feeling, action or relationship between two or more parties) and reminding ourselves of The Three Guiding Principles of the U3A, were the key messages which   several Committee members, including myself, brought back last month from a Volunteer Recruitment Workshop organised by the Leicestershire & Rutland Network of U3As.   These thoughts influence all our activities and it is helpful for all U3A members to revisit them from time to time.

The day was a great chance to swop ideas with other U3As on how they work and tackle problems.    Whilst there were no outstanding solutions to the ongoing issue of volunteer recruitment, it did emphasise the need for all of us to say ‘thank you’ and recognise contributions in whatever guise.  Each U3A present produced its own achievable action points and for SLU3A these are now in hand: The Guiding Principles are now easily accessed from our website:, proposals for Group Leader Guidelines will be discussed at the forthcoming Workshop in November, Committee members getting out and about to visit groups and, lastly, new members contacted within a month of joining to see if they have any queries.

It was also good to put another face to a National U3A name.  In this instance, one of the session leaders was Sophie Wellings, Advice and Volunteering Manager.  She leads on ensuring that the Advice section of the is up to date.  Indeed, I do urge members and especially Group Leaders to regularly check this invaluable site for up to date information.  Under Resources there is much help under Subject Advice which groups may find useful.

Helen Salisbury