From the Chair

 When I am out and about, members ask me how the setting up of the new Harborough Welland u3a is going.  The answer is ‘very well.   It’s on course!’  When you read this, the Steering Group will have met three times and hopefully the new constitution will have been signed by everyone on it.  It is based on an up to date format from the Third Age Trust.  The signed document will then be sent to the Trust for acceptance and also to the Charity Commission.  In the meantime, Steering Group members are working industrially on the four sub teams and reporting back each month: Secretariat, Finance and Membership, Groups and Publicity and Marketing.  This leads me on to announce that the Harborough Welland u3a will be holding monthly meetings at the Methodist Church in the town, which is easily accessible by bus and has parking nearby.  It has up to date facilities and one feature is that it has audio visual equipment that will enable us (and some group meetings) to offer hybrid meetings so members can join at home using Zoom.  We will be trialling this in the autumn.   SLU3A had intended to offer hybrid meetings from the September monthly talk but it requires a strong wifi signal.   The creation of the new u3a is an exciting venture for members of both organisations and a great opportunity to make new friends and maybe try new activities.  We will keep you up to date all the way and seek your help when we need it.


Helen Salisbury

Chair, SLU3A