From the Chair

August is the month for continuing the return to ‘normal’ and embracing change.  Many outdoor groups have resumed and gradually indoor activities will begin too, the first monthly meeting being planned for September, on Monday 13th.  It’s a chance to welcome new members over a relaxing coffee.  Members, new and old, will hopefully consider volunteering some of their time and skills to create new groups, help reinvigorate those that are urgently seeking leaders or support in a one off capacity with the formation of a new u3a in South Leicestershire.  Volunteering brings many rewards in unexpected ways, as well as the chance to make new friends.  On that note, a steering committee formed of members from both su3a and mhu3a current committees is moving swiftly to embrace the challenges of creating the proposed Harborough Welland u3a, with a launch date proposed for the New Year.  Sub teams are being created to consider the many aspects of this enormous task and if you feel you would like to contribute with your ideas, even just for a short while, then do, please, get in touch..  Topics include groups, publicity and marketing, finance and membership, as well as the legal stuff.  Continuing with the topic of change, the new u3a should be viewed as an opportunity to make new friends and share interests as well as embracing different ways of doing things.  We will support you and keep you informed all the way!

Helen Salisbury, Chair                                              07837 410 575