From the Chair

It feels like we are in a state of limbo at the moment, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, we are awaiting the vote on the resolution at the AGM on 12 July on whether or not to go ahead with forming a new u3a in the area, and then working towards dissolving the existing ones, ie slu3a and mhu3a, ideally by the end of the year. If the resolution is adopted then a steering committee of members from both current u3as would begin to work on the whole process. Secondly, whilst it excellent that a number of groups have been able to meet up again, such as cycling and walking, and others continue to meet in a garden or on Zoom, others are waiting for clarification of the details of the next step of the exit from lockdown later this month. Your Committee recently held a special meeting to discuss how to manage indoor meetings, either at venues or in homes. Other issues included checking whether existing room bookings are still in place, how to manage maximum numbers, cleaning, etc. Live monthly meetings and hybrid meetings were discussed too. All topics were also discussed with group leaders at a recent workshop. There seemed to be too many variables and plus second guessing, so nothing definite was agreed, although slu3a will work with groups to meet any reasonable additional costs when groups do meet up again, reviewing this in December.


In the meantime, it seems that summer has at last arrived and I hope you are able to enjoy this, either in the garden or when getting out and about.


Helen Salisbury, 07837 410 575