From the Chair

The past 13 months are proving to be memorable for all of us for many reasons, often with unexpected twists and turns.  Indeed, I believe they are so for many organisations.  Out of our regular meetings with mhu3a has come the opportunity to set up a new u3a, dissolving the 2 existing ones in the area.  The various benefits of this have been set out in recent emails to members of both u3as (and by post to non email members) .  To date, I have only received positive support from our members either by email or in person.  I hope you will reserve the morning of Monday 12 July for our AGM when you will have the opportunity to vote and give your support to the resolution for taking this proposal forward when steps can then put in place to do so.  Equally, we welcome alternative viewpoints.

I am pleased to welcome Barry Frenchman as Treasurer Elect (see item on page ?).  I would also like to say thank you to the 2 members who have volunteered different services in regard to PR and Recruitment.  These are important initiatives for the u3a at a national movement but also for sustainability, in whatever format, locally.  Your Committee of just 7 does need help with this, please, even if it is short term: all help is needed!  Please join us for national u3a Day on Wednesday 2 June (more details on page ?) when the idea is to raise awareness locally.  More details will be sent out electronically as the day approaches.

Helen Salisbury              07837 410 575