From the Chair

Well, I wonder what challenges 2021 will offer us?  Whatever they are, I know that SLU3A members will continue to rise to them and ensure that we remain a thriving organisation.  Yes, for the time being we will need to continue to make full use of a range of technology out there to keep in touch, and pursue our interests.  That is also a good thing, as it has opened up alternative ways of offering activities that we can continue to explore for the future.  Whilst we wait for the light at the end of the CoVid tunnel to get nearer so that we can begin to return to ‘normality’, your Committee has a number of things on which to focus.  In no particular order, these include celebrating our 21st year, looking at the U3A new branding, adjusting to revised rental arrangements with venues, taking part in U3A Day in early June, moving to Beacon 2, establishing new interest groups, engaging more members with the use of IT and identifying potential Committee members as current trustees come to the end of their tenure in the forthcoming months.  Finally, I hope the new year is an opportunity for members to use their ‘stay at home’ time to sample different groups and maybe share ideas with your Committee for potential new groups.   As I write, the days are beginning to get longer, bulbs are peeping out of the garden and spring is just around the corner!  Learn, laugh and live.

Helen Salisbury