From the Chair

Learn, Live and Laugh, the U3A strap line, has never been so important. It’s an opportunity to learn new things, maybe by using “ … the wizardry of modern technology … “ (to quote from our Prime Minister today on his Twitter account) and having a go using new software or apps or undertaking some on line learning; there’s so much out there. How about being creative in keeping in touch with group members or friends and family? Or, maybe it’s time to dust those books you have always meant to read or simply take it in turns to phone around members of your group for a chat. If you need help locally with IT, member Michael Lucas has offered to do so by phone: 07522 345453.
Some quick ideas to get you going:

Check out our SLU3A website:
Sign up for the National Newsletter: and check out their website: for lots of information
Facebook users – follow the newly formed U3A: Keeping in Touch page. Crafters might like to follow: Craft U3A

Future editions of the SLU3A Newsletter will be electronic for the time being. If you have ideas of things to do, tell us how you are keeping in touch with your groups or have an interesting tale or pictures to share, then please email these to:
Best wishes

Helen Salisbury
Chair, SLU3A and Site Administrator for Beacon