From the Chair

I am delighted to be able to undertake this role again this year.  We have a new Committee of 11 Trustees and another busy year ahead.  The biggest highlight will be celebrating SLU3A’s 20th birthday next year with ‘a bit of a do’ at the monthly meeting on 11 May 2020, so make sure you ‘keep the date’ (to use the modern term) now.

In the meantime, our first task is to get the accounts on to Beacon Finance and move to on line banking, as well as agree new procedures for collecting and paying rents: Martin and Stuart both have some new challenges!  We shall also be keeping a keen eye on our expenditure, doing our best to keep these to a minimum and bear in mind sustainability, too.  Beacon is due for a national update in the spring and we will be working with group leaders to keep them informed as soon as we have details ourselves.  We will continue to support our numerous groups, as well as encouraging the establishment of new ones (contact Louise if you have any ideas:  Meet the Groups is a new initiative, too, currently being planned for the new year.

Finally, the 4th Inter U3A quiz night is being hosted by Hinckley U3A on Thursday 3rd October – details on our website.  Please contact me if you are interested in taking part:

Best wishes

Helen Salisbury

Chair, SLU3A and Site Administrator for Beacon