French Refreshers – August 2020

We have just enjoyed another Zoom session, having continued to meet this way at our usual time since the start of lockdown.  This morning after some general conversation we translated, each in turn,  an article from the Rendez-Vous .  This is a French magazine which we all subscribed to last year and hence all have the same copies so it is very useful for following the same activities as it is full of articles and puzzles and vocabulary exercises.

Other groups could perhaps agree to buy the same newspaper on the same day to discuss articles from or to do the same crossword together.  Particular interest groups will have their own favourite publications no doubt.

Our group has been meeting in French on Mondays and again on Thursdays in English but, now restrictions have eased, we are getting out more and find we don’t have the same need for our social meetings but the French ones will continue.

Rosemary Holden