Exhibition – Husbands Bosworth

There will be an exhibition of wedding dresses, flowers and quilts from 10am until 5pm on 23rd and 24th April in All Saints Church, Husbands Bosworth.  It is part of Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations and will also feature ‘nostalgia food’!  There will also be a Thanksgiving Service at 5pm on Sunday, 24th April, in the church.

Do go along and have a look at what promises to be a delightful exhibition.


Edith and I went along to this exhibition and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was nice to be reminded of all those fashions which have now fallen by the wayside and we had a great time in the vestry trying to put a date to more wedding dresses in a light-hearted competition.  I’m not sure what the prize is but we had fun guessing which decade each dress was from!  We soon realised we were not as clued-up on trends as we thought we were.  One quilt on display which captivated both of us was a wonderful appliquéed quilt of a New England scene.  It was beautifully done and depicted barns, covered bridges, wonderful autumn foliage, farmyard scenes, houses, chickens, goats, even the railroad!  What a wonderful quilt, we could barely tear ourselves away.  We did think of creating a diversion so we could make off with it, but thought better of it as we were in a church!

A lovely exhibition with proceeds going to the church, so we do hope they did well.