Episode 11 – Biff and Chip, Louise and Thelma

Biff and Chip, Louise and Thelma

(So far … Biff is still unfit to play but knows that he will have to have surgery on his knee. Chip has been revelling in his new role as player / trainer. Tensions in the library are running high)

So, tell me about the problem. Chip probed.

Biff looked out of the coach window briefly before replying.

Well, it’s The Doc. He’s been pressurising me to have the big op and not to mention the steroids that he prescribed. He’s even been round my house twice.

Chip frowned. Then, We can sort this. Leave it to me.

Biff allowed himself a brief smile. Thanks, Coach.


Miss Wade was getting towards her wit’s end. It had been bad enough when only Louise or Thelma were in the library, but with them both in, confrontation was inevitable.

Veronica, as she was known to her small group of close friends, but NOT work colleagues, liked both of the young women. She admired Louise for her superb library skills and also the discretion she showed when dealing with Thelma. But she also saw in Thelma part of her old self. She regarded herself, in the day, as a bit of a libertine and in the current sexual revolution, she envied Thelma for her totally open attitude. The fact that Virginia was never married had always been her choice and she had never regretted it.

She had called an emergency meeting at lunchtime and with Cyril dealing with the occasional library user, Veronica, Louise and Thelma sat down together in the staffroom.

Veronica didn’t beat about the bush.

“Well, ladies, we seem to have reached an intolerable situation. Nobody is able to work to their full potential or fear of starting another round of accusations and incriminations. This has to stop. Private lives are exactly that, private lives and they have no place here at work. Thelma, you seem to have taken particular offence to Mr McCook..

“But I saw him first!” wailed Thelma.

“I think he made his views pretty clear the other night, “ Louise interjected.

Just then Cyril joined the meeting.

“There’s nobody in,” he said, “and I have been listening to what’s been said. May I make a suggestion?”

Thelma, snorted at this but Miss Wade nodded encouragement.

“Well, “ Cyril started, “ It seems that the problem at the Football Club is that Thelma has run out of suitable men. So, what about the rugby club? Lots of men there.”

After a little reflection, Thelma nodded agreement. “When do they meet?”

“I believe, after every home game, ladies are very welcome down the clubhouse in the evening. And don’t forget, there are FIFTEEN in a rugby team!”

“That’s a very elegant solution, Cyril. Well done.” And with that, Miss Wade closed the meeting.


Saturday evening on the coach heading   back to Market Harborough. The atmosphere is slightly raucous due to the 3-0 away victory and a few crates of Double Diamond.

Where’s the Doc? He was sitting next to Matt Mercer on the way up.