Discovering Poetry (Tuesday) – July

Discovering Poetry (Tues)
Last month we included work written by all the Poets Laureate from John Dryden in 1668 to Carol Ann Duffy today, finding we knew little of some of those in between. On 10th July we plan a walk in “The Countryside” starting at 2pm in the lounge in the Congregational Church. Please come along, the following by one of our members may encourage you to try us!

Poetic Thoughts
I little thought of poetry-
Pretty sure it wasn’t me.
Then, soon after I retired,
I thought to get my brain re-wired.
Much more in poetry than there seems!
(What are those Masefield ‘Quinqueremes’?)
Pam Ayres can ‘laugh in verse’ beyond belief.
Others console the deepest grief.
New poetry appears the whole world round.
But there’s another thing I’ve found-
Background to poetry is astonishing!
William Wordsworth needs admonishing!
When he wandered ‘lonely as a cloud’
He must have thought that two’s a crowd,
For his wife was with him by the lake-
Did he omit her by mistake?
All I can say is that poetry
Has kept my brain alive for me
And were I not writing this doggerel
I’d be sitting doing b….r all
very little.     t.r.


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