Discovering Poetry – July 2020

The number of poetry readers who are participating via Zoom has now risen to five and we much enjoyed choosing poems from a favourite anthology in June.

Now that the rules have changed, and the sun is shining, those who do not wish to join our virtual group will be able to meet in person in my garden. We have already caught up with ‘Colours’ from an earlier month and, from July, we will hope to have an actual and digital meeting until Lockdown is finally over.

After ‘Affairs of the Heart‘ in July, we will be looking at ‘Summer’ in August and hoping that this lovely weather will still be around then. It’s certainly helping to make these strangest of times somewhat more bearable!

New members would be made very welcome at our Zoom or garden meeting – contact me on the number below for details, or by email at

Jill Hart 01858 469663