On July 9th at our monthly meeting we listened to a very useful talk on staying safe on line. It was given by Samantha Hancock from Leicestershire police.

You can see the slides from her presentation here.

Having clicked on the link to the presentation, next click on “Click here to start”, then on “Continue” at the top of each slide to move on to the next one.

For those of us who were there, they should help us to remember some of the things we may have forgotten – there was too much to take it all in at once!

Samantha has also provided some notes on ‘Simple Steps to Protect Yourself’ which are available here.

If you weren’t able to come to the meeting, there will be some that don’t make much sense if you weren’t at the talk, but will become clearer if you read the notes and also watch the videos that you can see by clicking on the following links:

CIFAS Data to Go (café) clip

Op SIGNATURE film – SUSSEX POLICE – Spot the sign of scams (shows the number of ways someone can be targeted in their own home and what to look out for)