Creative Writing for Fun – April meeting

Members may recall a recent challenge to you all:  Write a Story in 50 Words.  Here are two amusing c. 50 word stories by one of our very ‘Creative Writers’:
I watched a boy feeding chickens,
Singing as he worked.
Another boy came with sharpened stick,
“Give me the eggs!” He demanded.
A chicken flew up and pecked him on the nose,
The boy dropped the stick and ran away.
I smiled.  It’s true.
The hen is mightier than the sword.

Four convicts dashed for freedom,
And hid in an empty house.
A neighbour was disturbed by arguments of a culinary kind.
A pan of soup crashed through the window.
The police arrived; they declared the soup excessively salty,
The local paper reported ‘Too many crooks spoil the broth’.

New members are very welcome. The topic at our next meeting in May is: “A Lasting Experience” (500-600 words).  Chris Mosley.