Computers and IT – Learn about them with us!

South Leicestershire U3A and Market Harborough U3A feel it will be a good idea to join forces in forming a new interest group offering computer and IT courses.  Many of us feel rather left behind on this techno helter-skelter which seems now to be moving at break-neck speed, so with this in mind we feel it will be helpful to members of both U3As to offer you three levels of computer and IT learning:  Beginner;  Improver;  Confident User.

We will start at the start and carry on until the end – logical or what!  So whether you find it a challenge even switching on a computer (you’re not alone!), or maybe you’ve mastered the basics and want to improve, or you might be a whizz-kid and want to learn even more, then just choose the level you feel best suits your needs and we’ll take it from there.

Maybe the grandchildren keep asking you to follow them on Facebook, or you almost never see friends or family in far-flung lands and they are desperate to see you on Facetime?  Well, get in touch with us to BE in touch with them!

Not really into Facebook, Facetime, Snapchat, Instagram or the like?  Well, maybe that book you’ve always wanted to write is now almost bursting – Alien like – out of your chest?  Come along and learn some editing and word-processing skills and get started on that epic tome!

Maybe you want to learn more about the world around you, or your favourite hobby?  Come and learn what an incredible tool the internet can be.

Whatever you’re into, there is so much waiting to be discovered in this amazing world of computers, so come and make a start, or fly a little higher onto the next level.  Get in touch with our Groups Co-ordinators:  Geoff Woods on 01858 468989  or  Helen Salisbury on 07837 410575  (email:

Come on, let’s explore!