Chair’s Message

I am delighted to have taken on the role of Chair following the AGM last month.  I look forward to working with members, Group Leaders and the Committee, to continue to make SLU3A so successful, as well as taking on new initiatives.

To do that we have a new Committee in place that comprises 10 Trustees: rather small for a U3A with over 1,000 members.  At our first meeting we reviewed roles to reflect  the challenges of 2018.  I subsequently logged on to our Beacon membership database, took a deep breath, and mailed out to over 650 members, seeking to co-opt 2 more volunteers for lettings/accessibility and Gift Aid.  I was delighted with the positive response.  The Committee now has several expressions of interest to consider at their June meeting.  For  myself, wearing the Beacon Site Administrator hat, I then had 37 bounced email addresses to resolve.  If you did not receive this email, please share it with us so we can keep in touch – see this article)

For Committee members and myself, it is a busy time of year for keeping in touch with other local U3As and with those across Leicestershire and Rutland, by attending networking meetings.  These always result in the exchange of good ideas and bringing these back to share.  One of these requests was being asked to encourage all U3A members to visit the U3A Trust website and subscribe to their new, electronic newsletter.  Doing so will keep you informed of what is happening nationally and regionally, as well as updates on advice and resources.  Just go to:

Finally, Committee members and I look forward to meeting many of you at the forthcoming Group Leaders’ Workshop and New Members’ Coffee Morning.