From Our Chairman

This being my last opportunity to address all the members as Chairman of the association, I thought that I would like to say a very big thank you to everybody for the support, help and participation that the membership has given to the association.
When I took the position over three years ago, I had no idea what was what as far as SLU3A was concerned and I was very worried as to how things would turn out. Now I know that the association’s heart is not one person, it is the whole membership ably conducted by the committee that makes SLU3A the undoubted success that it is.
There are a couple of members that, from my point of view, deserve individual mention in that they have been totally unstinting with their support, help and criticism throughout my time. They will not be happy that I am singling them out but my heartfelt thanks go to David Kyle, Eddie Dixon and Mike Goldsmith for their support when I was floundering. My thanks must also go to all the committee members for the work that they have put in as well as all the members who give their time during the monthly meetings.
Finally I want to thank the members for their support to SLU3A and hope that they will continue this with the new chairman and committee that we about to elect.

Don Collins