Chair – April

‘Mad March’ would seem to sum up my SLU3A month!  I am delighted to welcome on board two new Committee members, Louise Elsome who will be taking over as Group Enabler, and Martin Thom, Treasurer Elect.  Stuart Irons, too, will be joining us in June, handling all matters today with Premises and Accessibility.  All, of course, subject to being voted in at May’s AGM!  Ironing out some rental anomalies have also taken up much time, too.

We organised a very successful Inter U3A quiz night (see front page).  Thanks to Bob Morris (quizmaster) Ian and Sharon Webb and Rose Gale for their invaluable support.

Other meetings have included the Leicestershire and Rutland Group of U3As, significant not only in that it is very useful to network but going forwards it will have its own Constitution.  David Kyle has stepped down as ‘Moneykeeper’ for many years.  Yet to take place is the next joint meeting with Market Harborough U3A.

Did you know?  With memberships due, a reminder that you can now also pay on line or by standing order.  For links and details, go to:  Do email me if you have any problems with on line payments as you need to be precise with your membership details:

Helen Salisbury  Chair, SLU3A and Site Administrator for Beacon